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Once the physicist Ernst Mach had successfully measured and defined the speed of sound, he was free to relax, perhaps to spend more time with the family. Thanks to our policy of continuous product development, Castle;s team of sound engineers spend most of their working lives surrounded by relatives; faster, louder, heavier, cleaner, stronger, and so on, any and all of which can be key parameters in producing improved performance from our acclaimed range of loudspeakers. Ever since Castle was founded, over thirty years ago, the Richmond has been the entry level model which has defined the Castle sound. Over the years much has changed both in the ways we live our lives and the music we listen too, but one factor has remained constant, the quality of the Richmond. As far back as the eighties its reputation for quality at an affordable price was recognised by the press with Hi Fi Choice giving the then current Richmond a "Best Buy" rating in 1981. Today;s Richmond 3i is no different, it still offers exceptional sound quality in an attractive cabinet and at an affordable price, and in November 2004 that fact was recognised once again by Hi Fi Choice when they gave the Richmond 3i the accolade of a "Best Buy" rating. Hi Fi Choice have not been alone in their praise of the Richmond 3i, Hi Fi News made the it their budget speaker of the year in 2005 and in that same year at the Hi Fi + Awards the Richmond 3i was again awarded top status. So how has all this been achieved by such a small company The simple answer is attention to detail, added to an all consuming love of music. The Richmond 3i is a Castle product in ways few of the competition can claim, not only do Castle build all their own cabinets, in a choice of eight alternative natural wood veneers, but the two drive units are also of their design and manufacture. In this way the company can optimise the performance of all the components to create a sum greater than the parts. Each Richmond 3i cabinet is built using 15mm MDF board using balanced veneers and then damped using heavy bitumous pads, as we want your cabinet to look good but not contribute to the sound as so many cheaper cabinets tend to do. The tweeter designed by Castle uses a 19mm soft dome with both good top end extension and excellent dispersion characterises. The bass unit is again Castle;s own design, this unit uses a 110mm woven carbon fibre cone housed in a cast chassis, for improved performance and rigidity allied to a carefully designed magnet system to maximise performance. These two units are fed via a bi - wireable terminal housing to a quality multi element crossover which ensures the full capabilities of the drive units are fully realised. Whether your choice of music is Classical, Jazz or more modern the Richmond 3i will bring you the most from your record collection that any small speaker can. Added to which Castle;s commitment to customer service will ensure years of happy years of listening.   Frequency Response 65Hz-20kHz Nomin al Impedance 8 ohms Sensitivity 88dB for 1w at 1m Amplifier Requirements 15-75 watts System Type Reflex Bass Unit 130mm (5 in. ) woven carbon fibre coned, cast chassis Treble Unit Treble Unit 19mm (. 75 inch) low modulus polyamide Dimensions   Height 280mm (11 in. ) Width 165mm (6.75 in. ) Depth 235mm (9.25 in. ) Weight Each 4.85kg (10.65 lbs) Weight Packed 11kg (24 lbs) pair Richmond3 olarak da bilinir.

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