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Castle Knight 2 özellikleri

strong>Not: Renk sorunuz. (Rosewood rengi için 10 fiyat farkı vardır!) Knight 2

The Knight series achieves superb high-frequency performance using a ;soft-dome; tweeter which produces a more controlled performance than metal equivalents and an innovative aluminium-core voice coil which matches and even exceed the bandwidth possible from metal domes without having to worry about inherent problems.

Made from fine real-wood veneer that is sourced from sustainable timber, with the most beautiful deep-figured slices and cut from real trees. Each speaker pair being hand-finished using mirrored, book-matched veneers before being sealed and waxed in a process which takes over 5 days.
Format     b/s reflex       
Bass    150mm x 1
Tweeter    25 mm tex
Amplifier Power     15 - 125 w
Nom. Imp    8 ohms
Sens. 1W@1M    90db
Freq Range at -6 dB    42 hz - 24 khz
Cabinet Size
Height    380mm
Width    200mm
Depth    335mm
Ht on spike    -
Supplied with    rubber feet
Net Weight    7.85 kg 17.2lb
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