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Allied Telesis AT-FS750/24PoE özellikleri

24 x 10/100TX, 12 POE capable, + 2 1000T/SFP Web Smart SwitchCapable of providing up to 12 ports of Class 2 802.3af POE power (6 ports Class 3), the ATFS750/ 24POE is ideally suited for those applications using security camera, wireless access points, IP phones, or and other POE powered device. The POE options eliminates the need for power rewiring and minimizes the clutter of power supplies and adapters in awkward places. The WebSmart AT-FS750/24 features 24 10/100TX ports + 2 combo tri-speed copper/SFP ports for Gigabit connections. It is an ideal fit for the SMB/SOHO market. This switch provides managed features ideal for simple QoS applications, and provides basic monitoring tools to improve your network. The Web Smart functions provide QoS features suitable for multimedia applications. With the web-based interface, you can set up 802.1Q VLANs to segregate traffic, QoS to prioritize mission-critical data such as voice or video packets, and link aggregation to create traffic pipelines. The AT-FS750/24 also provides network monitoring tools such as port mirroring and basic port statistics. Remote product management enables simple monitoring from anywhere.

If your AT-FS750/24POE switch does not have a GREEN ECO-friendly symbol on the left side of the switch front panel, please click HERE for the latest product documentation and firmware for your product.

Key Features
IEEE 802.1Q tagged
Up to 64 groups

Quality of Service Classification
IEEE 802.1p tagging
Port-based priority
Four priority queues per port

IP Multicast Support (IPv4)
IGMP snooping(v1/v2)
Static multicast group
Spanning-Tree, IEEE 802.1d/w

IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation

IEEE 802.1x Port-based Network Access Control
Local authentication server (MD5 only)
Remote authentication through RADIUS
Dynamic VLAN assignment
RADIUS client for IEEE 802.1x
DHCP client
Statistics charts in WEB

IEEE 802.3x flow control or HOL (†) blocking prevention († when flow control is off)
Port mirroring
Destination MAC filtering
Ingress/egress rate limiting
Broadcast storming control
100FX SFP support

Management Features
Window-based Supporting
Switch discovery management up to 254 switches
Monitor list
Trap view
Device setting
Firmware upgrade by FTP and Web
Configuration backup/restore by FTP
Factory reset
Password access control and restricted IP access list

RFC 1643 Ethernet MIB
RFC 1493 Bridge MIB
Private Enterprise MIB (Allied Telesis provide the spec)

RMON Groups (1,2, 3,9)

PoE Intelligent Management
IEEE 802.3af standard
12 10/100TX ports support PoE function (ports 1 to 12)
Support up to 6 10/100TX ports in 15.4W simultaneously
PoE module function tests
Per-port LED/status monitoring
Automatic detection and power budgeting AT FS 750 24 PoE, ATFS75024PoE, AT FS750/24PoE, AT-FS75024PoE, AT-FS750/24 PoE olarak da bilinir.


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