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Castle Richmond 7 özellikleri


  • TipÖn Hoparlör
  • Ön Hoparlör Frekans Aralığı45 - 22000 Hz
  • Ön Hoparlör Duyarlılığı90 dB
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www. castle. uk. com/VeneersTechnology/Venners/tabid/89/D efault. aspx
Linkinden renk seçenekleri görülebilir! The latest addition to the new Richmond Series is the 7i, a floor standing model capable of the highest quality sound. Already the diminutive Richmond 3i has redefined the sound quality possible from a small book shelf speaker at an affordable price. This multi award winning design has set new standards not only for Castle but the industry as a whole and the all new Richmond 7i is set to do the same for the floor standing market. Our designer Karl-Heinz Fink who developed the Richmond 3i and the recent Compact Column for Castle has used the experience gained in these two projects to further enhance what is possible. The new design benefits from Castle;s world famous expertise in cabinet design allied to the latest in drive unit development. The Richmond 7i is a three drive unit two - way reflex system using twin Castle designed bass mid units allied to a 25mm tweeter built to our specification by Vifa, one of the foremost tweeter manufacturers in the world. The Castle bass - mid units have been developed from the units found in the Richmond 3i and feature cones manufactured from woven carbon fibre in a cast chassis with four layer voice coils. The 25mm dome tweeter has excellent dispersion characteristics and a near linear frequency response up to 22 kHz. Matching these drive units is a top quality bi - wireable crossover using hand selected components and the finest quality polypropylene capacitors, housed in a separate chamber at the bottom of the cabinet in order to avoid compression effect within the cabinet Housing these drive units is a cabinet, available in a choice of 8 natural wood veneers hand selected from sources around the world, of impeccable finish. It is manufactured from 18mm MDF board, laminated on both sides with real veneer, internally the cabinet has three ring braces and is further damped by the extensive use of bitumous pads reducing cabinet colourations to the lowest level possible. When you add all these element together you arrive a speaker system destined to redefine the levels of performance you have a right to expect from quality audio.   Frequency Response 45Hz-22kHz Nomin al Impedance 8 ohms Sensitivity 90dB for 1w at 1m Amplifier Requirements 15-150 watts System Type Reflex enclosure with bitumous internal damping for low colouration Bass Unit 2 x 130mm (5 inch) woven carbon fibre coned drivers using cast chassis Treble Unit 1 x 25mm (1 inch) fabric dome Dimensions   Height 900mm (37 in. ) Width 180mm (7 in. ) Depth 275mm (10 in. ) Weight Each 17.2kg (37.8 lbs) Weight Packed 19.7kg (43.4 lbs) each Richmond7 olarak da bilinir.


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