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Castle Durham 3 özellikleri


  • Uydu Hoparlör Duyarlılığı88 dB
  • TipUydu Hoparlör
  • Uydu Hoparlör Frekans Aralığı55 - 20000 Hz
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A new compact loudspeaker from Castle Acoustics always creates a stir of expectation in the world of home audio. That;s because its arrival generally marks a raising of the performance standard achieved by small systems. We;re confident that the new Durham 3 will maintain this proud record. Our new two-way, rear-ported design uses our proven 19mm, low modulus polyamide dome HF driver, which is offset on the front baffle to reduce diffraction effects and so to improve both clarity and dispersion. It is partnered by a 130mm die-cast bass unit, which uses a woven carbon fibre cone and Kapton voice coil former, wound with copper coated aluminium wire, for outstanding dynamics. Careful tuning of the reflex enclosure brings the Durham 3;s bass extension down below 60Hz, giving performance that truly belies its compact (365x190x220mm) dimensions. All magnet assemblies are fully shielded, making the Durham 3 ideal for use as a front pair in compact AV systems, or as a rear pair in more ambitious ones. Just to round things off, and to ensure that the Durham 3 looks as good as it sounds, we;ve radiused the front baffle, for a smoother, more distinguished appearance. As ever, there;s a choice of eight real wood veneer finishes.   Frequency Response 55Hz-20kHz Nomin al Impedance 8 ohms Sensitivity 88dB for 1w at 1m Amplifier Requirements 15-75 watts System Type Reflex Bass Unit 130mm (5 in. ) woven carbon fibre coned, cast chassis Treble Unit 19mm (. 75 inch) low modulus polyamide Dimensions Height 365mm (14.6 in. ) Width 190mm (7.6 in. ) Depth 225mm (8.8 in. ) Weight Each 6.3kg (13.9 lbs) Weight Packed 14kg (30.8 lbs) pair Durham3 olarak da bilinir.


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